Natural Healing Glasgow - Patient Information

The practitioner is considered one of the top Chinese Medicine doctors in the UK. The clinic offers a comprehensive consultation and treatment plan for patients. You can be assured of receiving the best professional service of natural healing in Glasgow.

New patients:

–  A consultation must be made with the doctor before treatment can be taken.


Subsequent Visits:

–  It is advised to see the doctor again prior to any actions since the doctor may not only alter you prescription and/or apply other treatment(s) but also monitor your progress. After the service, please read and follow the instructions to be sure on how to prepare your herbal tea (if applicable). Once any herbs have been sold they can not be returned for health and safety reasons.


Courses of treatment

–  Total number of treatments required varies, depending on the nature and severity of the problem. Your practitioner will discuss this with you.



–  Cash or cheque with guarantee card is accepted.


Methods of decocting Chinese herbs

–  Each pack of herbs is for one day and should be used twice.

How to use your Herbal Pack

Day 1

  1. Put one pack of herbs into a pot, boil it with 3 mugs of cold water (or enough to cover the herbs) to boiling point, then reduce the heat to simmer for about 30 minutes (approximately one mug left).
  2. Drain the herbal-tea and drink the tea when warm, still keep the herbs. Second Decoction (in the evening or next morning); Put 2 mugs of cold water in the same herbs, boil water and simmer again for 20 minutes (one mug left). Drink the tea as before, then throw away the herbs.

Day 2

  1. Use a new pack of herbs and repeat as the above process. When you finish the herbs prescribed in the clinic, please be sure to come back, the doctor needs to monitor your process.

Points To Note

  1. Please note when preparing herbs only use a ceramic, clay, enamel or glass container.  Do not use a metal pot or container as this can affect the preparation process
  2. Herbal preparations may initially taste bitter, however most people become accustomed to the taste over time.  If you find the taste unpalatable you can add a small amount of honey or sugar.
  3. Occasionally some patients experience nausea when taking herbal preparations.  In this instance a small amount of ginger can be taken to suppress the nausea or the preparation can be taken over several smaller doses rather than the full amount at the one time.