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Why choose us? Dr Alan Hu is the very Senior Practitioner in Glasgow with over 35 years experience!

Chinese Medicine Direct is a leading Chinese Medicine clinic based in Maryhill, Glasgow. Treating a wide array of ailments using traditional methods with natural and positive results. The practice is currently ran by Senior Practitioner Alan Hu, who comes from a family with over 5 generations of experience in the traditional Chinese Medicine, offering Glasgow authentic and powerful treatments.

Before coming to the UK, Dr Hu was a Consultant and Professor in China.  He has been a clinical practitioner and also a research fellow in the laboratory and has a deep understanding of the herbal healing process. Carrying out a huge number of experiments with a wide range of Chinese herbs he knows in detail how these herbs work in the human body and how they act on diseases specifically. He was also an honorary research fellow of St Bart’s Hospital in London which developed his experience and understanding of Chinese Medicine at the molecular level. This has allowed him to master treatments giving his patients the very best care possible. In the past year he has improved the condition of patients with numerous varied health issues.


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Chinese Medicine Direct in Glasgow

Dr Hu is considered one of the top Chinese medical practitioners in the UK.

You will be given a very warm welcome and be greeted at the clinic by Dr Hu himself. There is free ample parking in the area. Please find us at: