Chinese Medicine in Glasgow

Our resident practitioner Dr Alan Hu has over 35 years experience in providing Chinese Medicine in Glasgow with the best care available to his patients. Blending cutting edge research with traditional and highly effective natural methods to give powerful solutions to many ailments and illnesses. Based in Maryhill in Glasgow, we are in a central location and available to discuss your options and potential treatments.

Western Medicine is incomplete

There are many diseases that still can’t be cured by modern medicine. We provide Chinese Medicine in Glasgow for the many benefits that it provides. Traditional Chinese Medicine, as an alternative and/or complementary medicine has been playing an important role in treating a wide range of health issues with better effects than Western Medicine.  Such conditions include chronic diseases, skin disorders, fertility conditions, stress & anxiety, rheumatism, pain and muscular- skeletal problems & sports injuries.

As well as being tested, proven and highly effective way of curing various illnesses, Traditional Chinese Medicine also has fewer side effects because it uses only natural products. It also aims to strengthen the body’s own defence system by restoring it’s balance. By boosting immunity, promoting bone health, marrow function, activating and mediating metabolism and maintaining the body’s homeostasis it helps to prevent illness.

Why does China have a history of good health and flourishing populations?

Historically China has flourished and prospered and this can be attributed directly to the application of traditional Chinese Medicine. Chinese Medicine has been developed for over two millennia and modern medical science has provided solid evidence as to it’s effectiveness. To this date, around a quarter of the worlds population relies on it.

Chinese Medicine in Glasgow - It's what we do!

Feel the best that you can with our help. With a wide range of treatments and affordable packages available it's time to take control of your health and wellbeing.


As well as being tested, proven and highly effective Chinese Medicine also offers far fewer side effects due to the natural products used. This allows for a much more comfortable treatment.


Our belief is that the whole body needs to be taken care of. We aim to strengthen the body's own defence system and restore it's balance, boosting immunity and preventing illness.


Traditional Chinese Medicine harvests natural methods to provide therapeutic treatments that works in sync with your body's natural systems. Nothing harsh, nothing synthetic.


Chinese Medicine offers an alternative to Western Medicine; treating the whole body and finding the source of the ailment rather than treating only the symptoms to allow true healing.

Nobel Prize for Chinese Medicine

Youyou Tu breaks history and wins award for her malaria cure

A Chinese Pharmacologist Youyou Tu won the nobel prize this year for her groundbreaking research and development of a cure for Malaria known as Artemisinin. Derived from the herb of Artemisia Annua she was able to draw upon her traditional Chinese Medicine education to develop the cure. This is the first time Chinese Medicine has won the Nobel Prize and it is a sign of how powerful it can be, gaining recognition from Western medical and science leaders. Many people are already aware that Aspirin is a recognised drug in the treatment of pain, fever, inflammation and can also prevent heart attacks and strokes. Many people are also aware of Metformin which is a recognised diabetic medication.  What isn’t so widely known is that both of these drugs are derived from plants, Aspirin from willow bark and Metformin from Galega Officinalis. This shows the healing power of plants and their use in traditional medicine.

Read more about her incredible research and life-  Youyou Tu Wikipedia.